Monday, May 30, 2011

So this is summer

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It's been a week since my last exams. They didn't go as well as I hoped, I already regret not studying better. I still don't fully realize I'm done with high school, at least I hope I am...
My summer will consist out of work, books and lots of films. I actually made a 'summer reading list' a while ago, click
here to view.
My life is so exciting.

What are your plans for this summer?


  1. Bonjour Tristesse is one of my favourite books ever, enjoy! Also, if you liked Never let me go and were interested in Ondaatje, try his The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, it's awesome.
    ps. Congratulations on being done with high school, welcome to real life :)

  2. The shadow of the wind is my fauvorite book and all Carlos R. Zafon's ones too! but that's undoubtly the best, hope you enjoy it :)

  3. this post just got me full of good mood. i don't know what i'm up to yet, but summer will consist of lots of coffee, cigarettes, books and music festivals. and my new reflex. yes, that would be great.

  4. I feel like I read about myself :P
    I've had my last exam 3 days ago and I still can't believe I have holiday !
    I have the list with books to read on summer too and also with films ;)

  5. your reading list is amazing! :) I love your blog!

  6. books books books. i just started the stranger by camus. your list is so wonderful and ambitious!

  7. Wat fijn, zo veel lezen :) Weet je al wat je gaat studeren (als als als, maar dat zal vast wel)?

  8. Cheer up about your exams, they are never as bad as you imagine. I was convinced I failed my French paper and would have to stay on an extra semester but it worked out fine :)

    I see lots of Nabokov in your list, haha. I really love A Secret History, and The English Patient, and Ishiguro is one of my all-time favourite authors. I used to make holiday reading lists too, that is sadly a thing of the past now that I work.

  9. Hey Kim!
    Gisele hier haha. Ik kon je nergens vinden (FB of dergelijke) Ik ben benieuwd hoe je het zaterdag hebt gehad. Geef je mail maar aan Arash ofzo dan praten we verder :)
    Heb je trouwens: On chesil beach van Ian Mcewan gelezen, zeker een aanrader!

    Zie je snel! XXX

  10. Leilani: Thanks! I'll add Billy the Kid to my goodreads. ;)

    Marion: I've read half through Shadow of the Wind twice! I really love that book but both times something got in between, like school. Next time I'll finish the book, no matter what will come in between!

    catarina: Sounds like the ideal summer!

    Kasia: haha, quite sad actually. It would've been cool if we lived close to each other, so we could hang out together!;) Do you have a goodreads/listography account? I'd love to see what's on your list. I also have a 'films I want to watch' list, but it's not season limited, haha. ;)

    Lily: Thank you!

    vintageveggie: Thanks! Let me know how the book was as soon as you've finished it! I want to read it as well. :)

    Marguerite: Ja, ik hoop dat ik er eindelijk eens echt aan toe kom! Ik ga geschiedenis studeren, tenminste als alles volgens plan verloopt. ;)

    lin: Thank you for the comforting words! I'm trying not to think about it too much now, I can't change anything about it anyway...
    Yes haha, I'm a big fan of Nabokov! I've heard so much good things about A Secret History and The English Patient, can't wait to read both!
    That's really too bad! I'd love to see which titles would be on your list. ;)

    Gisele: Hee! Haha, wat gek dat je me niet kon vinden op facebook of hyves, aangezien ik beide heb. :p Ik zal je een berichtje sturen via FB!
    Ik heb 'On Chesil Beach' nog niet gelezen, wel heb ik Atonement en The Cement Garden gelezen van McEwan, die zijn beide fantastisch, dus OCB zal ongetwijfeld ook goed zijn. Als het goed is heb ik hem al aan m'n te-lezen-lijst op goodreads toegevoegd. x

  11. you have a beautiful blog!! love these summer photos..

  12. Oh fijn, geschiedenis - ik duim voor een goede afloop van dit jaar!

  13. i can wholeheartedly recommend the secret history. probably one of my three most favorite books in the world. it is a thing of masterful beauty and not boring to boot. read it.

  14. Vicky Cristina Barcelona! Favorite movie ever..

  15. Oh man! Now I REALLY want to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona again.